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Never have I been on one distro for so long, 5 weeks so far! That is a record for me. Ubuntu 13.04 + Cinnamon has been absolutely solid and reliable. I have made a few changes to my conky which I originally posted in my Lambo Desktop, I have added another panel on the left side with a few additions like Gmail, Update notifications and a couple RSS feeds.


Here are a couple of details:

Cinnamon Theme: Loki


Wallpaper: No idea where the original came from but I got it from here:


GTK Theme (not shown): Zukiwi

AWN Theme: I have just set to "none" and I am using Ciricons White as custom icons

Conkys: Are all my creation but based on Satya from DA's original Google Now Conky

Audacious Conky is also my original.


I have done away with any applications menus etc and I am launching all applications either from the dock or using Synapse. For those of you who don't know what Synapse is, here is a link…

Loving Cinnamon it just seems to be improving all the time and I have no doubt Linux Mint will stay as one of the most popular Linux distros.