After a very long stint using Gnome-Shell I had a play around with a Openbox Spin called sidboX,

which totally inspired me to set up Openbox properly.

I’m glad I did, now I am fully set up I see why people love it so much. It’s light on resources, quick, easy to use.....the list goes on. Anyway here are a few screenshots:


I’m still running this on Arch which as usual has been reliable as reliable can be.

The covergloobus is my creation (with a few borrowed components from other themes)

Wallpaper from here:


I’m using the Vimix dark theme. Plank is my dock and in the top right corner is a Tint2 panel. The Conky theme is from Bunsen Labs (thanks guys).

I think that is all, message me if I have missed anything.

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