Manjaro Pyramid Desktop

So after a stint of 3-4 months on pure Arch I am back to Manjaro (it's a long story I don't want to talk about :) ) with Gnome-Shell (as per usual) and I am really loving Manjaro again. It's the stability, this distro just keeps improving.

I have switched to the Unstable Repos to take advantage of Gnome 3.14 which is just magic. I really love Gnome-Shell, everyonce in a while I switch over to KDE but I always return to Gnome.


On to the details. So I am using the Elegance Colors Gnome-Shell theme with the newset release of Zuitre GTK theme (amazing looking theme) and the Numix Circle icons finish it off. All the links are below.


The wallpaper is from Wallhaven….

MPD and Sonata fulfill my music listening needs. I really love MPD, it can be a bit of a pain to set up first off but once you have done that you are set.


I'm using Plank for my dock with the theme as Transparent. I tried out the Dash to Dock extension but I think I prefer Plank.

Conky is my custom of a config I came across at the Arch forum, I'll share a link if anyone is interested.


That's about it.

Some more screenshots:


Thanks :D

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