In my last few screenshots I was using Manjaro but I started having a fair few issues with Manjaro so I decided it was time to use Arch proper. I’m glad I made the move, I haven’t had a reinstall for a good 3-4 months which is a very long time for me, my boot times are quicker and overall the desktop seems snappier.

As usual I am using Gnome and Gnome-Shell, Gnome 3.16 to be precise. Gnome-Shell just keeps improving on every release. I personally think that Gnome-Shell has the best desktop set up, my only gripe is with the pretty average Adwaita icon theme.

In this screenshot I am using the default shell theme, Adwaita. The top panel has been made transparent using the Activities Configurator extension. When I have any maximised windows the panel returns to an opaque, solid colour.…


I really like the Pantheon Terminal from elementary OS, it supports standard ctrl+v and ctrl+c for pasting and copying and as you can see a semi-transparent background. I am using the Vertex Light GTK theme which seems to be the most consistent GTK theme for 3.16 so far.

The icons I am using are the Ozon OS icons with the Vertex Icons


As usual I have a basic Conky config and Covergloobus theme, I prefer the texts rather than pictures and graphs etc, both are my own themes found here:

Conky Theme:


Covergloobus Theme:

I think Gnome-Shell has some great features and, for me, has the perfect work flow. I don’t know how many times a day at work, where I am stuck on Windows 7, I move the cursor to the top left corner to open the overview only to remember I am on Windows :(


Nearly all the extensions I normally use have been updated to 3.16 which just makes the whole Gnome-Shell experience that much better.

I have no idea where I found the wallpaper so I have uploaded it to Dropbox, if anyone has the original link please let me know and I will update this post.


I have a 4k monitor and would love to use it at full resolution but I am at 2560x1440 which seems ok for now.


The built in Gnome apps are brilliant, I particularly like the Gnome Documents and Books, I can read comics on my big screen comfortably and turn the pages with the tap of a key.

Hopefully I have mentioned everything, any questions leave me a message below.